Features of the new Android TV Box

There are several Android TV Boxes available on the market to rival the expensive Apple TV box that has been around for several years. Apple TV is a good product but it can be expensive the rent DVDs on it where as Android TV boxes allow you to access all of it’s content for free. All you have to do is pay the initial cost of the hardware itself and have an internet connection and you have access to pretty much everything you can get.

There are thousands of movies all available at the touch of a button in HD quality. I forgot to mention that the android TV boxes supports HD and standard AV so if your TV has a HDMI input then you can obviously get HD quality which is great. As well as having access to thousands of movies you can also stream music and basically use it as a laptop through your TV.android tv boxes

Another big plus of the android TV box is that it can stream hundreds of live TV channels from around the world. This means no more TV bills which lets face it are getting more and more expensive year on year. BT sports recently took over half of the rugby games which means people are having to pay for sky sports and BT sports on top of their standard TV package. This means a huge monthly bill just to watch the same product which again is pushing more people to android TV. Check out androidtvboxes.ie for more information and prices as they have next day delivery and a sale on at the moment.


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Are compatible inkjet cartridges as effective as original inks?

The long battle continues! For two decades now the original ink companies such as HP, Brother, Canon and Epson have battled it out with compatible ink and toner suppliers from around the world. They have tried multiple times via court action to put a stop to the compatible ink and toner companies but they have never succeeded in the courts so now they use a different tactic.

The original brands have used scare tactics such as if you use compatible inkjet cartridges in their printers that it will void the warranty which is not true and also illegal to my knowledge. Although a lot of people see past this scare tactic many still fall for it and blame compatible inkjet cartridges when the printer eventually packs up. Not the fact that most home printers these days are very cheaply made and don’t last very long no matter what ink is used.

We decided to try out a test print on my own Brother printer to see what the results really are and to be honest I could hardly tell the difference. We had a look at several websites to see who is the best value but also who offers the best quality of compatible inkjet cartridges for the best price. We found bonusinks.ie were both affordable and the quality seems quite good for their inkjet cartridges.

Now fair enough this is only 1 printer and 1 brand of generic inkjet cartridge. I am sure some are good and some are bad but the point been that you definitely should be going for compatible inks unless you need really high quality printers (which most people don’t! ).


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Our Tefal Actifry Review

Ok so this is one we have been wanting to do for a while! Everyone loves chips and so this is one that most people are going to enjoy we hope. Everyone loves chips but most people try to avoid them as they are known to be fatty and generally pretty bad for you. This is why you are going to love the Tefal Actifry so much.tefal actifry fryer

The Tefal Actifry is a small health fryer that primarily uses hot steam to cook your chips. This means that you are only using a tiny bit of vegetable oil to cook your chips! In fact Tefal say that you use 95% less fat when using their Actifry health fryers. So we said we would try this as this sounds like quite a claim.

So we took it for a test drive and cut up some nice thick chunky chips. The Actifry machine takes a few minutes longer to cook the chips than most fryers but the results were fantastic. We only put a spoon full of vegetable oil into the fryer before we started and the chips are done.

The self stirrer meant that we could leave the chips cook and not have to come and shake them every 2 minutes like when using other standard fryers. It comes with a see through lid so you can always see the status of your chips. Admittedly Tefals Actifry machine isn’t as cheap as the other options but you will be saving your heart from huge amounts of fatty oils so it is definitely worth the extra few pounds.

It comes in two sizes both a large and a family size and they vary in price from about £100 upwards. We took around online and found that the tefal actifry shop was the cheapest option here in the UK anyway so if you are interested head on over there and pick one up as we think they’re great.

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Why we love the selfie stick!

I have spent the last few years traveling in various parts of the world and most of my traveling I do alone because I have no friends. Just kidding, mostly I travel alone because my friends have jobs they can’t leave and other commitments and I refuse to be tied into the 9 -5 but that’s another story :). So why am I telling you this? Well I recently got a new selfie stick that have become famous all over the world and it saves me having to ask strangers to take embarrassing pictures of me and risk getting my phone stolen!

selfie1So what is a selfie stick? Well it’s basically an extendable pole that allows you to clip your phone or camera to the end of it and take a “selfie” or photo via a bluetooth remote control. Sounds pretty simple right? Well it is and often the simplest inventions are the most successful and this is certainly the case with the selfie stick.

I got my stick from http://www.shopselfiestick.co.uk/ a UK online store and had it within a few days. My stick only cost twenty pounds and I got free delivery so it is affordable for pretty much anyone. I have not brought it anywhere overly exciting yet but I was out at the beach and although the stick may not be the coolest thing to be seen with I got some pretty great pics (No I won’t be uploading them here:)). I forgot to say that if you are based in Ireland and looking for a selfie stick then check out selfiestickstore.ie as they are Ireland’s leading selfie stick store.

The stick I got lets you get pics from angles of up to 180 degrees so I imagine it will be great for getting pics off of cliffs and ledges when traveling in some cool places. The stick I got is pretty light and can fit in my pocket when folded up. I recommend trying them out as they are pretty cheap and it’s a great way to start a conversation with strangers when traveling alone!

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